SPOTLIGHT: it’s no biggie by Thoka Maer

What better way to illustrate the seemingly unending, annoying daily obstacles we face than with an endlessly looping animated gif?

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you’re not like the other boys.

photo by Anna Demarco
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St. Vincent and Carrie Brownstein

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“As reason returned to me, memory came with it, and I saw that even on the worst days, when I thought I was utterly and completely miserable, I was nevertheless, and nearly all the time, extremely happy. That gave me something to think about. The discovery was not a pleasant one. It seemed to me that I was losing a great deal. I asked myself, wasn’t I sad, hadn’t I felt my life breaking up? Yes, that had been true; but each minute, when I stayed without moving in a corner of the room, the cool of the night and the stability of the ground made me breathe and rest on gladness.”
— Maurice Blanchot, The Madness of the Day (via sisyphean-revolt)

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Lol, gotta love the Quilt Studio! #denver #denverartmuseum #twerk #denverdirty (at Denver Art Museum)

Walking Skippy #divaalert #puppy (at James H. Platt Park)